Patient Stories

Ben’s Story

Hi Everyone

I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia on my left hip as well as 3 Femur/Acetabular Impingements on both hips just before my 22nd birthday in 2020 when my Rheumatologist requested MRIs and X-rays on the hip, following debilitating pain from bone rubbing on bone and frequent dislocations (Pre-existing RA didn’t help). 

I had my first hip arthroscopy to assess the damage of the dysplasia and also shave the impingements off. One month later I had my Osteotomy, and I’m gonna be blunt, the first 2 weeks after leaving the hospital were very harsh, pain management once you get home can become very difficult (I should also note I have a high tolerance to most medications I’ve been on), and the Endone given to me was barely suppressing the pain.

But I can assure anyone who is getting an Osteotomy to treat their Dysplasia that once you pass those first few gruelling weeks, recovery goes very quickly, I’m now 10 weeks post-op and feeling great, got off the crutches at week 7 and walking fine now.

P.S. I do still experience some movement at the bottom cut in the bone, and it can rub bone on bone sometimes, it hasn’t quite started fusing yet, but that’s rare and I know what movement generally triggers that rubbing

P.P.S. The second arthroscopy later this year