Patient Stories

Born this way

I’m 53, born full breech vaginally (my poor mother) and diagnosed with bilateral dysplasia at birth. Pavlik harness at birth until I was 1.5-2 years old. At that time I suppose the doctors felt there was no need for follow-ups. I was extremely flexible my whole life. I then married. I had 3 children, uneventful natural births. Then about 4 months after baby #3 I started with intractable pain. My hip would sublux just walking, stairs were scary and tortuous. I consulted an orthopedist and was advised my hips, primarily my right, were never addressed properly. My acetabulum never completely formed, in uterine, and I needed pelvic reconstruction. So with 3 small children, I was operated on where the surgeon sawed my pelvis in half and tilted it appropriately over my femoral head. He then placed me in a body cast to heel correctly. I remind you, I had 3 small children, oh and it was July in the NorthEast. HOTTTT! I was good after that for years, sort of. At the age of 50, I was told there was total bone erosion, no bone space, no cartilage. I handled the pain until I had no other choice. I had no desire to do physical therapy and med after med. I gave in and finally had my right hip replaced. It’s been pretty good. A few episodes of bursitis that steroid shots helped. But I’m grateful it was successful. Now I only need to hold off getting the left one done as long as possible. Good luck to you all, my fellow dysplasia hipsters!