Patient Stories

Morgan’s Story

When I was 24-years-old I began having constant right hip pain, worsening each day to the point I experienced hip subluxation and pain with most activities. A few short months later, my left hip began experiences the same symptoms. I was 24 & 25 years old left unable to walk normally or live the life I previously had, due to debilitating pain and looseness in both hips. Life as I knew it was over.

After seeking help with many health providers, I found a wonderful surgeon nearby who has advanced experience in hip preservation surgery, also known as periacetabular osteotomies (PAO). In July 2019 I had my right PAO surgery and in December, just five, short months later, my left PAO surgery complete.

Recovery was brutal and tiresome, but on the bright side, I was improving each weak and not declining. I had tremendous hope after years of pain and dysfunction. Now, three years later, I am lifting weights in the gym five days per week pain free, I walk, dance, and travel wherever I please. This diagnosis came as a shock, as I did not know about my hip dysplasia until in my 20’s. The surgeries I endured have given me a second chance to live the life I desire.

I am now able to continue living an independent and limitless lifestyle as a young person should. I am happy I fearlessly sought help and began surgical intervention early to prevent further articular damage in my hip joint.  Hip dysplasia is a lifelong diagnosis, but the journey can take a positive turn, and with hard work it can pay off!