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Hello to everyone who is reading this,
My names Mikayla and I’m 12 years old. I’m in year 7 and love singing and photography, I also used to play a lot of basketball and had played a few games of netball. I was diagnosed with Developmental Hip Dysplasia in 2012 when I was 10. I had just come out of basketball training and had cross country the next day, my hip had been a bit sore lately but because I have always been tall we just thought it was growing pains. I asked mum if I could go for a run around and oval, so she let me go. I got half way around the oval when my leg went from under me and I fell. Mum came rushing over carrying my, at the time, 3 year old sister. She helped me get to the car and then we went straight to my local doctors. He sent me to the hospital saying that it was urgent, I was now in a lot of pain.

I got a x-ray and 4 weeks later I met with my surgeon. He told me I had severe hip dysplasia and a massive tear in my cartilage. I had a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy and then started to do all of my rehab. Everything was going well and then I had my checkup. My surgeon told me that my femurs were to angled inward and that I would need a Bilateral Femoral Osteotomy. This was the worst surgery I’ve had, both of my legs felt like blobs and I had to learn to walk again which was very painful.

Through both of these surgeries I was having nerve spasms and doctors also picked up through a M.R.I that I have kidney issues which means I can not take anti-inflamitories. I would do some rehab and increase my work load and then I would have a horiffic spasm and I couldn’t walk for a full day. 9 months after my 2nd surgery I had all of the plates and screws removed. I was again doing all of my rehab and was even just about to start running again! I had just gone on my first high school camp and was joining in on P.E lessons.

I started getting pain again and felt that something was wrong. I was getting aches and sharp pain. Mum and dad also knew that something was off so mum drove me into the emergency room. I had and x-ray done and then, again, met with my surgeon. He told me I had torn my cartliage again and had rebound dysplasia (where the hip surgery undoes it’s self or the dysplasia comes back.) So just over 3 weeks ago I underwent a Periacetabular Osteotomy. It’s all going well and I’m glad I got it done. I have down days but my dads jokes, mums cooking and my little sisters cheeky personality keep me going with a smile on my face.

1st- A photo of me before my 4th surgery

2nd- My little sister, who is now 6, playing on my crutches


3rd- My post-op x-ray 2 weeks ago


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  1. katrina bugeja says:

    what a great article Mikayla. We are all inspired by your strength and determination. Keep up the good work, it will all pay off. Always thinking of you xx

  2. Mikayla H says:

    Hello everyone please leave any comments and/ or questions here! :)

  3. Joelle says:

    What a wonderful article! I’ve had problems with my hips all my life but they have just recently started hurting and I’m worried it’s getting worse and I don’t really feel like anyone’s listening to me. My mom’s about to schedule an appointment for me but I just feel like nobody’s going to take me seriously. What should I do? Thanks xx

  4. Mikayla H says:

    Hi Joelle,
    First of all you are definitely doing the right thing by scheduling an appointment, always go with your gut!
    I think that if you are upfront about how you are feeling to you doctor they will realise that you are serious. Maybe say something like “I’m just really worried because it doesn’t feel right.” and if they still aren’t taking you seriously maybe tell them “Checking would just make me much more comfortable and then we can know if anything is wrong.”
    I hope that everything go’s well and please tell me how it go’s!
    Mikayla xx

  5. Briana says:

    Hey Mikayla!
    So I’m doing a research project for my health class & I was wondering if maybe we could talk on the phone and maybe you could talk to me more about your experience with hip dysplasia. Would you be okay with doing that?

  6. Mikayla says:

    Hi Briana,
    Sorry but I don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone.
    I can answer any questions you have on here though :)

  7. Kimberly V says:

    Hello everyone reading this, I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. I do Soccer and Dancing but, recently, i have stopped for a while. Anyways, a couple of months ago, I have/had been experiencing some severe pain in my legs/hips. I was really scared when I started experiencing this because I’ve never been through anything like this before. I told my parents about it and soon enough, they took me to my local doctor, he said I needed some x-rays done and that I needed to see an Orthopedic about this. I went to this Orthopedic doctor and he said that it was not that bad of what I had… but that I have Hip Dysplasia in my hips. He sent me to do some physical therapy but once I began doing it, I felt like giving up because it hurt me and it was difficult for me to do… so, I just left the place. I regret leaving the physical therapy now just because of that because now, im starting to experience worser pain than before… sometimes, I will cry and limp a little bit because it hurts so badly. Im going back to my Orthopedic doctor in March to see what is happening now and I really dont know what he will tell me now. I found this website from a friend and I feel so much better reading these stories that all these people my age have posted here. I wish you all here the best of all luck to whatever happens to you although i dont know you. :)

  8. KayLee says:

    Hi Mikayla,I’ve read your story and was wondering if maybe you could help me figure out what is possibly wrong with my hip.. For the past month, my hip has been bothering me. The pain started out mild but is getting worse day by day. My hip tends to pop when I walk or go to sit down. I have a constant sharp pain, and while I’m sitting or walking my whole leg goes numb. My leg “goes out” on me a lot when I’m walking up the stairs at school and whatnot.I have an appointment with my orthopedic but it’s kind of far away.. if you could help me try to figure this out, that’d be great. Thanks!

  9. Mikayla H says:

    Hello KayLee,
    Have you had an X-ray?
    I would recommend getting one if you haven’t already and also possibly an MRI.
    I would recommend using ice, resting, not taking part in sport and taking some anti-inflammatory product regularly as this will help.
    I also have an Instagram page if you would like to talk to me further @hip_dysplasia
    I hope everything gets sorted soon!

  10. Mikayla H says:

    Hi Kimberly,
    First of all I’m glad you followed you gut and that you parents took you to a doctor to get a right diagnosis.
    I too was very scared and didn’t know what was happening.
    I’m sorry to hear that the pain has come back and its always awful when it does!
    Can you just ask your parents to go back?
    maybe try and google or look up on youtube exercises for hip dysplasia and some will come up. They are really good and like what you would do in physiotherapy.
    Have your physio and Orthopaedic been talking? They can talk and come up with what exercises to do. if the physio is just coming up with them if might actually make it worst. I would ask them and they will probably be fine with keeping communication going for you :)
    I hope you can get the pain sorted soon!
    Also my Instagram page is @hip_dysplasia if you ever want to talk.

  11. Em blyth says:

    Who was your surgeon?

  12. tracy says:

    Hi Mikayla,
    You are a very strong girl. My daughter is 12 years old and had surgery January 21st and was in a spica body cast for 6 weeks. With physical therapy, she is getting stronger everyday. Do you remember how long it took for your body to heal and you were able to do things like prior to your surgery?

    Thanks for your help!

  13. Mikayla H says:

    Hi Tracy,
    Thank you so much!
    I hope she is going well and is in good spirits.
    I have taken a step back at the moment because of lots of nerve problems, so I am only just now getting back to walking without a crutch.
    After my PAO I got back to activities within around 4 months and after about 10 months I was fully normal again. Walking, school, etc was just like a normal person.
    I hope that helped and feel free to ask any other questions.
    Also if you or your daughter have instagram my username is @hip_dysplasia :)

  14. Natalia says:

    Hello Mikayla,
    Your story is quite incredible. I came across it today as I was searching the web. I was doing front walkovers this morning (a gymnast term) and as I walked inside, my left leg felt oddly tense at the hip. When I rotated it outward gently, there was a deep click that sent a crazy sensation up my side. It kept catching or popping, as it still is this evening. I told my mother and she informed me, since birth, they were always suspicious as to I may have genetic hip dysplasia. It never showed however, my entire life. I begin gymnastics tomorrow, something I haven’t done for at least four years, and I’m suddenly nervous as to what’s going to happen. What should I do?

  15. Mikayla H says:

    I would suggest getting an x-ray because the popping and other symptoms aren’t normal.
    Hope everything is ok!
    Mikayla xx

  16. Megan W says:

    My name is Megan and I had a lot of hip pain starting around age 12. I’m now 16 and I’ve had arthroscopic surgery on both of my hips. I had a torn labrum and impingement in both of my hips. I was wondering if you were ever diagnosed with either of those things? The surgeon repaired those things, but I’ve recently been in a lot of pain. I had my second hip surgery in February of this year. Just when we thought everything was going well, all I did was bend down and my hip dislocated, or popped out of place. I was wondering if hip dysplasia was something that the doctors found easily, or if it was something that was hard to diagnose? What was your level of pain? Did an MRI show that you had hip dysplasia, or was it an X-ray? Please answer me as soon as you can!

  17. Mikayla H says:

    Yes I’ve torn my labrum 3 times and had inpingment before my first and second surgery. The doctors found my hip dysplasia very easy because my hip was fully dislocated and I barely had a socket. My pain was 10/10 I couldn’t move, as of now my pain is only up to a 5 on a bad day!
    I had an x-Ray and then an MRI to make sure we didn’t miss anything.
    I hope this helped and you get answers soon! Xx

  18. Megan W says:

    Thanks for the reply! It feels good to know I’m not the only one going through this! And we still don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m hopeful that they will find something!

  19. Eryn Larnder says:

    Everyone at school is taking the nickel out of me because I can’t walk and I am still in a wheelchair from 5 years ago when I last had my surgery I am in year eight and I am fed up with it. How do I move on from this?

  20. Eryn Larnder says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with hip dysplacia and I have had 6 surgeries to try and prevent it. I still can walk properly and people at school are always making fun of the way I walk…
    Can you help me find a way to either ignore those people or to walk properly

  21. Mikayla H says:

    Hi Eryn,
    I have now had 5 surgeries in total and I’m in the same position.
    People can be mean but I always try to think that they don’t know the struggle we go through, and probably never will, but if they do make comments either tell them that there is a reason you walk this way and its not a reason to make fun of. You have health issues and are trying really hard to make them better.
    Usually after this they realise its a serious thing and will stop but if they continue I just laugh at myself. if someone asks why I walk like a penguin, I just laugh because its true. Laughing really is a great form of therapy.
    I hope this helped and if you ever want to talk please message me on instagram @mikaylas_battle or I have a charity http://www.hipbuddies.com and you can talk to me on there !

  22. nicola says:

    Hi Mikhayla

    My son, Daniel, is 10 and has cerebral palsy. He will have surgery on his right hip soon to prevent his hipdislocating. He will be put in a hipspica cast for 6 weeks after the surgery. Have you ever had to have a spica cast? Do you have any advice about how to make it easier and more comfortable?

  23. Mikayla H says:

    Hi Nicola,

    I have not had a spica cast before but I have heard from many people to make sure that the area does not get a rash and if it does make sure to get creams. Also being supported all the time will help the cast.

    After the surgery just make sure he has plenty to do and that he is taking his medicine on time.

    I hope everything goes well!

    Mikayla xx

  24. Lara says:

    Hiya Mikayla!

    My name is Lara and I think I may have hip dysplasia, but only mildly. I have been looking everywhere for someone to to talk about it. Can I ask you some questions and see whether you may agree? Don’t worry if not


  25. Lauren says:

    I was diagnosed with hip dysplsiaas a infant. My doctor didn’t do any treatment. All he said it will heal on it own. Now I’m 12 and it hurting more than ever. It happen even when I’m not moving or laying down. Please help me relieve my pain with no surgery.

  26. Andrew Slominski says:

    My name is Andrew Slominski and i go to Lakeridge High School and i was assigned a Hip Dysplasia project. I would like to ask you a few more questions on your condition. You can contact me through email at slomi00053@loswego.k12.or.us or over the phone at (262)-365-1029. Thank you!

  27. nuvid says:

    Mikayla initially found it challenging to adhere to her diet when she was out with friends or at school. But eventually, her friends came to understand how carefully she needed to manage her condition and helped her avoid any slips.

  28. Bella boom says:

    I’m 12 and I broke my hip in 2019 ( I was still twelve) the growth plate slipped ( happen @ the end of August)and I was meant to be in a wheelchair until Christmas and crutches till April but I was out of the wheelchair in Late october and off crutches before Christmas.

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