Patient Stories



I am writing this story with the hope of receiving some insight and advice from those who have been in a similar position.

I am a 38yo female who has always been very active. 10 years ago I tore my labrum in my left hip and a scope fixed it without any problems.

Last fall, I started having pain in my right hip that I assumed was sports related and another tear. After learning I have moderate hip dysplasia and a torn labrum, the doctor has told me I have two options – the first is doing a scope to fix the tear. He said this is 75% likely to fix the pain but he only thinks it will last 1-2 years at which time I may be faced with PAO or THR. The other is the full PAO which is 5-7 months of recovery. The PAO is terrifying to me and I am leaning towards the scope, although I do not have much information as to what the prognosis will be post surgery after a year or two.

Has anyone made this decision and if you have, what were the results?

Thank you!