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Symposium: Collaborating to Solve a Worldwide Problem

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Virtual Webinar
September 18, 2020
7:45 AM – 12:45 PM

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” Join us for this virtual comprehensive symposium to improve your knowledge and understanding of the most common anomaly of human anatomy: hip dysplasia. This half-day CME course is designed to “flip the classroom” and help medical professionals provide the highest level of care for patients of all ages with dysplasia of the hip, contemporary diagnostic techniques with live demonstrations of ultrasound enhanced physical exam of the hip will be performed and advantages of other imaging modalities will be highlighted, round table discussions on controversies in the management of patients from infancy to young adulthood will enhance your learning and help you understand how world renown experts incorporate these techniques into their practice.”

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September 12, 2019:

 Second International Hip Dysplasia Symposium: Solving a Worldwide Problem

Hip Dysplasia Webinar Series

  • Evaluation and Indications for Treatment

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  • Non-surgical Treatment Tips and Pitfalls
  • Primary Surgical Management

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  • Hip Dysplasia Session During International Pediatric Orthopedic Symposium

This is a case based format featuring; a panel discussion, videos and a brief presentation. 

  • Webinar Diagnosis and Referral