Sarah Rowlands

Hello all

So i thought i’d like to share a shortened down version of life with hip dysplasia. There is plenty i can write about it but my story starts a little while back at age of 26, i started to notice sharp pains in my groin area everytime i went for a long fitness walk. (i have always been very fit and energetic, even doing gymnastics in school and lots of swimming without any problem) but as an adult i started to experience something which didnt feel like normal muscle pain, it was much sharper and intense. As time went on the pain increased even short distances were pretty unbearable and work was becoming a challenge i was getting very tired during the day but just kept going. I decided to get it checked by a Doctor when i realised even crossing the road i was starting to limp. I was sent away the first time (nothing wrong apparantly) and carried on another year but it got worse so went back. This time i was offered an X Ray, it came back nothing wrong, again! At this point i was worn out, i’m a beauty therapist and run my own business so was on my feet for 12 hours a day. I didn’t do extra social activities outside of work as it just seemed to take up too much of my energy and i was getting very upset by all the unkown pain i was getting. It is exhausting to be in chronic pain. I seeked further advice from Orthapedics in my city who have been excellent throughout my whole journey and the X Ray showed 2 hips out of their sockets – we were shocked! but at last i had an answer. Surgery went ahead a PAO by Mr K (he has been excellent!) the surgery is major surgery and very complexed, probably the most painful thing i have ever been through but i kept positive throughout recovery and did what i was told (physio and rest) and within 3 months i was back at work! i was told this was an amazing recovery and it was well worth going through i felt no pain after it.
18 months ago i had the 2nd one done at age 36. The recovery was much harder this time because of my age and the pelvis still hasn’t healed back properly so i have got more pain with this side but am working on my physio and strengthening exercises everyday. I also take extra calcium, vitamin D and vitamins to help try speed up recovery.
My advice is get help or surgery as young as possible, it really will be beneficial for later on in life. Its taken me almost 8 years to feel ‘healthy’ and i wish they had found out the problem earlier on. But positivity is the key and you will get through it and you will feel better by going through the process. Everyones experience is different so it is hard to explain everything but i am happy to answer questions about things to take to hospital or stuff you need at home after recovery which may help and even personal questions you may not want to ask your surgeon. Good luck everyone on your journey, you really are strong and be proud of how well you are doing xx

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