Exciting News for the Future of Hip Dysplasia Research!

A group of PhD researchers gathered in February, 2020 during the Annual Meeting of the Orthopedic Research Society. This group met for presentation of current research about hip dysplasia, and to organize a Research Interest Group for Hip Dysplasia and Other Structural Hip Disorders. This is a milestone event because it will encourage collaboration among basic science researchers who are investigating hip dysplasia from different angles such as genetics, imaging, cell biology, biomechanics, fetal development, simulation and other areas that are building blocks for scientific progress.

The Orthopedic Research Society was formed 65 years ago and now has more than 4,000 members around the globe. Great advances have been supported, and reported through this society. There are numerous Orthopedic Sections within the Society. These are called Research Interest Groups and consist of like-minded researchers who are interested in a specific area of research related to the musculoskeletal system. There wasn’t a group for hip dysplasia until this year. With support from former Board members, IHDI, and conference organizers, the first hip dysplasia meeting was a huge success with more than 40 basic science researchers expressing interest in continuing to meet and discuss hip dysplasia research and research regarding related structural hip problems. The group will undoubtedly grow, and there are already plans for a Fall meeting in addition to the annual Orthopedic Research Society Meeting.

Collaboration and communication have been a key to successful advances promoted by IHDI physicians. This Research Interest Group will undoubtedly have a similar effect for fundamental understanding of hip dysplasia to guide development of better methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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