How To Get Moving

Learning to digitally disconnect. Switch off your phones, put on your walking boots and head out into the wild. Nature has everything we need to help us stay fit, active, and healthy. But how..?

Jennifer Dawson – Community Advocate

The Best Low-Impact Outdoor Exercises For Your Overall Health

For those who regularly experience hip pain or discomfort, even the slightest movement may seem like a challenge. That’s why most people with hip pain caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or hip dysplasia will choose to stay indoors, with some making sure to steer clear of any physical activity that could worsen their pain. However, a little low impact exercise on a daily basis can actually be beneficial for those with hip conditions. And, if these exercises are done outdoors, you can gain even more health benefits from your workout that goes beyond pain relief. Here are the best low impact outdoor exercises for your overall health.

Go for a walk

Following along to an exercise video on YouTube may help to keep you fit, but if you want to get the most out of your workout, try heading outdoors and go for a walk. Being in nature can be beneficial to your overall wellbeing  as it can help to lower your blood pressure, and it may even reduce your risks of developing cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Moreover, you’re more likely to be physically active if you walk outdoors instead of walking on a treadmill. Best of all, walking in nature settings can even boost your mood. A new study has shown that people who spend at least 15 minutes in nature experience a significant increase in positive feelings, so not only do you get healthier, but you also feel happier once you go for a walk outdoors. You can go for a walk anywhere where the ground is level, such as a botanical garden or a park, or a hiking trail for beginners to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your joints and hips. 

Have a relaxing swim

There’s nothing more refreshing than swimming at the beach, pool, or lake on a hot summer’s day. Apart from being an enjoyable way to get some fresh air and exercise, swimming is also an ideal workout for those with hip conditions as it doesn’t put a strain on muscles and joints. Always check the weather report and water temperature before going for a swim, and make sure to swim with a friend or family member if you’re not a strong swimmer. 

Do tai chi at the park

Tai chi is an ancient form of martial art that combines meditation with defense training. It closely resembles dance as it allows you to do a series of graceful, flowing movements, and it’s a workout that can be done by people of all fitness levels and ages. Moreover, it can help to improve flexibility, mobility, strength, and balance, making it ideal for people with hip problems. Check your local community center to see if they offer tai chi classes, or find a quiet spot in the park and do tai chi there. 

Exercising in nature can be good for your mind, body, and soul. So head outdoors, get moving, and discover how working out in the open can improve your wellbeing. 

Jennifer Dawson – Community Advocate

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