My Name is Yasmin,
I was born premature in 6months,
The doctors told my parents that the baby can’t walk. But I walked in one and a half my parents got very happy and they forgot about what the doctors has said. Anyways years past by and As I remember I was in grade 6 that time and I was happy with my life I never felt sick until one day I felt pain with my two legs I couldn’t sleep in my right or left sides I thought it was just my body is fatigue and I will be ok by the next day I just need to rest, but still there was pain then I told my dad talk me to the hospital I need to check my legs then, I did x-ray then i showed it to the doctor He told me that you need 2 surgeries the left leg will be total hip replacement and the right hip its dislocated no need for hip replacement just a surgery to put it back to its position. Anyways I went to see Alot of Doctors they used to tell me am young I can’t do surgery back then I was young.
Now Am 24 Years old Again Last year I send my x-rays and documents to Doctors outside my country Still the Doctors Said Am too Young to do the surgery. I have read All of your stories I got really encouraged to share My story too and Am happy that I have found people who could feel my pain. Now I want to Ask what is the Good age to do a total hip replacement and from your experiences was it big difference After you had Hip replacement surgery. Thank you For reading my story and I really Appreciate your answers.

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