Theo’s Story

Theodor (Theo) Was Born at 35 week’s, healthy 6lb 9oz, and is our second baby. He was Born via Emergency C/S as he was Breech and Premature

At our routine 6 week check they noticed Theo’s hips weren’t in his socket’s but weren’t too concerned.  We kept going back every month for a ultra sound check, Each time would be told to come back in a month  Skip to 6 month’s, They FINELY done a X-ray, My gosh did they get a shock!

Theo was booked in for a emergency surgery that Friday, To cut the tendons and be put in a cast for 6 months!
We cancelled and got a second opinion. So Glad we did as we went through a top professor.  He diagnosed Theo with “Bilateral Varus Derotation Osteotomies Hip’s & Hip Spica”. Basically 8 Pin’s and two plates put in for life… Theo would also be in a cast for 6 weeks.

Must note on top of this, Theo also has serve Reflux and Erakah had only just turned two! Also, we are 12 hours away from Family for help! As we are farmers.

As of this writing, Theo has 6 day’s left in his cast. It has be hard.  The cast is 47cm wide!

But I would love to hear from anyone that had this done and still have the plates in.

We love our wee Theo, for all he has been through, he is so brave, happy, and a delight to have!

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  1. Deborah says:

    Our daughter also had a delayed diagnosis. It wasn’t until she was 14 months and started falling down after every step she took. She had pins put in, but 6 months after surgery, she underwent a second surgery to have the pins removed. The interesting connection that I made to your story, was that she too had severe acid reflux. We could barely put her down because of all the vomiting and crying. I wonder if this delayed her walking some. Either way, she is healthy and find, and absolutely loves to run! She started walking in her cast the day before it came off. Best of luck to Theo and your family!

  2. Nadalye Ozment says:

    My son was born at 38 weeks and was only 3 lbs 12 ounces. He was born via emergency c section because of my blood pressure went sky high and we lost his heart beat. After he was born and finally got come home I had to take him weekly to the doctor for weight checks and when we went in to have his one month check up done that is when they noticed it. They were checking his hip movement and noticed that his right hip clicks in and out of place so they set us up with a specialist in Memphis to have him look at it. Sure enough his hip was clicking in and out of place. The doctor put him in a harness for 6 weeks in hopes it would work. After 6 weeks in the harness his hip was still clicking in and out of place. He has his surgery on June 5th to have his hip put back in the socket. The doctor thinks there is something there keeping it from being able to go back in on its on. After the surgery we will have a full body cast on for 8 to 12 weeks. I’m worried and scared because have no clue what to expect. Is it hard to change the diapers? Does your son get aggravated because he can’t move or sit up like before? My son is 7 months old and is just now starting to sit up and is trying to crawl and he gets ill after 5 minutes of doing one thing. Would love to talk and get to know y’all as we are going through the same thing. No one around here has gone through this so have no one to talk to about things. Hugs from Tennessee!

  3. Jewel says:

    I had to have a scheduled c-section as my baby girl was breech & after 3x trying to turn her this was my only choice. The day after the Dr. came in to exam her as he was looking @ her hips I heard him tell the nurse we need to get the orthopedic specialist in here now. You can imagine our reaction our Gisele was 1 day old & perfect to us. I heard hip dysplasia & harness & all I could think is dear God what is wrong. Dr. Pelcher arrived that afternoon looked @ her moved her hips a bit & told us she had hip dysplasia & no xrays needed she would need to wear a harness for 3 months or she would be having surgery we opted for the harness & she has worn it since May 13, besides hard to change her diapers & unable to wear any pants she has adjusted to it well. Me I blamed myself for not doing the right thing while pregnant & I was angry @ first because I would look @ other mom’s babies & feel resentment because there babies didn’t have to wear a harness. It was difficult @ first I cried many nights but my husband made me see it could be life threatening & this wasn’t. I am so pleased to say after 6 wks. her hip sockets are growing properly & by August she should be out of it & my husband is right it could be worse. She is our miracle baby I was told I would never have & she is perfect to us. Prayers that your little one is healed soon.

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